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NadaBob Travel, Inc.

Starter Travel Bundle (Free shipping)

Starter Travel Bundle (Free shipping)

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Our Starter Travel Bundle Includes:

  • 1 Patented NadaBob Device: Experience a revolution in travel comfort with these devices, designed to prevent head bobbing and ensure a stable, restful journey.
  • 1 Baseball Cap: Elevate your travel attire with our stylish cap, seamlessly integrating with the NadaBob devices for discreet, effective head support.
  • 1 Custom Eye Mask: Drift into peaceful slumber shielded from light and distractions, thanks to the luxurious comfort of our custom eye mask.
  • 1 Travel Bag: Effortlessly organize and protect your NadaBob essentials in this elegant carabiner travel bag, a perfect companion for any journey.
  • PLUS FREE Shipping: Enhance your order with the convenience of free shipping, bringing the complete NadaBob suite directly to you for an uncompromised travel experience.

Upgrade your family’s travel experience with the starter NadaBob Bundle, designed for comfort and convenience on every journey.

This starter package includes one patented NadaBob device, a baseball cap, a custom eye mask and a handy travel bag.

And let’s be honest – you wouldn’t want to be caught snoozing in NadaBob luxury while your travel buddy is battling the relentless head-bob. Consider gifting a NadaBob too! It’s the perfect way to ensure everyone, including yourself, travels in comfort and style.

With the added benefit of FREE shipping, this bundle is the perfect solution to make traveling a comfortable and stress-free experience for the whole family, ensuring everyone arrives at their destination feeling rested and refreshed.

Patent-Pending Innovation

The NadaBob Smart Travel System is at the forefront of travel comfort technology, designed with a unique, patent-pending mechanism that ensures your head and neck are ultimately supported. This inventive approach to travel rest is what sets NadaBob apart, offering a level of support and convenience unmatched by traditional travel pillows.

Universal Compatibility

Whether you're traveling in an airplane, journeying by train, or on a road trip, the NadaBob Smart Travel System is your go-to travel accessory. Its versatile design ensures it can be used effectively across different modes of transportation, providing consistent comfort and stability to make every seat, no matter where, feel like first class.