Revolutionize Your Travel Sleep Experience with NadaBob

Discover the ultimate solution to uncomfortable, awkward travel sleep and bulky useless travel pillows. NadaBob is here to transform your journey.

  • Instant Head and Neck Support: Ensure uninterrupted rest, turning any seat into a comfortable resting spot.

  • Sleek, Invisible Design: Enjoy discreet support (virtually undetectable) without the bulkiness of traditional travel pillows.
  • Universal Compatibility: NadaBob attaches effortlessly to a baseball cap or our custom sleep mask, offering simple flexibility.

Minimized Jet Lag
Refreshed arrival, ready to explore

Enhanced Mood
Start your journey with positivity and relaxation

Boosted Energy
More vigor for your adventures or meetings

NadaBob: From Personal Pain to Travelers' Gain

Andrew Gonski, our founder, was all too familiar with the woes of travel sleep — the head bobbing, the drooling, and, yes, even the accidental cuddling. Discontent with the existing "solutions" and driven by a blend of necessity and self-respect, Andrew envisioned NadaBob. No more bulky, embarrassing aids; just sleek, comfortable rest.

The Personal Journey Behind NadaBob's Creation

Andrew's disdain for conventional travel pillows – and his humorous yet earnest desire to "murder" them – fueled his quest for a better solution. His journey from financial expert to inventor is not just about changing how we sleep while traveling; it's about upholding dignity and comfort. NadaBob is more than a product; it's a declaration that we all deserve better.


Dedicated to redefining travel rest, NadaBob envisions a world where every journey is accompanied by unparalleled comfort and dignity.

  • Innovative Solution: NadaBob redefines travel luxury, turning your cap or eye mask into a first-class pillow.

  • Empowering Travelers: Giving you the freedom to enjoy every journey, fully rested and undisturbed by the hassles of travel.
  • Sustainability and Hygiene: NadaBob champions eco-friendly practices and top-notch hygiene, making it a travel essential that cares about the planet.

Addressing the Age-Old Travel Dilemma

NadaBob tackles the main travel discomforts head-on, offering a unique blend of support, style, and hygiene. From 'travel fool' to 'travel cool.'

  • Eliminate Head Bobbing: No more waking up with a snort or disturbing your neighbors.
  • Compact and Portable: Fits in your pocket, ready for any adventure.
  • Hygienic Solution: Say goodbye to germy travel pillows, with our easy-clean system.

Meet the Mind Behind NadaBob: Andrew Gonski

Meet the Mind Behind NadaBob: Andrew Gonski

Founder and CEO
Andrew isn't just the brain behind NadaBob; he's a traveler turned inventor, motivated by real-world frustrations and a bit of humor.

Leaving behind a 23-year career in finance, Andrew set out to solve what he calls "real and meaningful problems."

From awkward startles awake next to horrified passengers to pioneering a discreet travel sleep system, Andrew's story is at the heart of NadaBob's mission.

His life, split between Austin, TX, and Summit County, CO, with his family and dogs, is a testament to the saying, "Better late than never."

Join him and countless others in the NadaBob revolution.

From Prototypes to Perfection: The Evolution of NadaBob

Starting with creative prototypes and moving through meticulous (and sometimes funny) testing, the development of NadaBob has been a journey of innovation. This patent-pending smart device, a must-have for savvy travelers, showcases our dedication to transforming travel comfort with a compact, effective solution, perfect for any trip by plane, train, or car.

NadaBob: A Laugh Along the Journey

Because the best travel companions make you smile.

The Head Bob Ballet

No more impromptu nod-offs. NadaBob ensures your head stays where it should, minus the drool.

  • Keeps your head steady
  • Avoids sleep-induced acrobatics

Stranger No More

Personal space, respected. With NadaBob, accidental cuddles with fellow passengers are history.

  • Maintains personal boundaries
  • Prevents awkward encounters

Drool-Free Zone

Awake dry and dignified. NadaBob puts an end to the dreaded drool patch.

  • Say goodbye to drool
  • Wake up ready to face the day

Incognito Comfort

Comfort that doesn't scream for attention. NadaBob supports without the spectacle.

  • Sleek, discreet support
  • Keeps your travel dignity intact

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